How Could Living Stone Pillows Attracts Children on Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a very special place which creates the love of learning in the children and introduce them to the school environment. The teachers of kindergarten has a great interest to engage the children in learning and creating beautiful memories. So, they usually pay attention to some special activities which invites the children to develop friendship, collaborate with each other and have fun.  The amazing living stone pillows not only increase the uniqueness of the kindergarten but also become the source of fun and bonding activities for the children. The class room can become a mini adventurous place by choosing different activities where you can use beautiful living stone pillows. It will not only become a huge mean of joy but also attract the children towards kindergarten daily.

Eye catching colors:

The attractive designs and eye catching colors of the pillow, make the children addicted to them. They love to remain at kindergarten instead of home due to the great fun with pillow and it’s amazing theme.

Hopping with pillows:

Children are full of life and energy, when they are engaged in different games. The kids love to play and it is a great way to attract the children for learning other things in kindergarten. Instead of engaging the  children in harmful games which can cause serious injuries, it is better to engage them in hopping with soft living stone pillows which will not cause any harm to them. When children are sitting in the pillow, the teacher can through it on them after holding the corners for some time. This amazing fun source can make the children addicted to kindergarten.

Change kids point of view:

Play is a great way to build up the  daily life experience of kids. By using different games and activities which involve various themes of living stone pillows, teacher can modify children’s playing activity. It will help to change the perspective of the children. They will feel excited in the beautiful environment of kindergarten. If the game is repeated twice, the participant will feel energetic at each moment on the soft living rock pillows.

Walking on the pillow:

Kindergarten with a stone theme can be great fun place for the kids. The teacher can strengthen the motor skills of the kids by just placing some live stone pillows in a row and asking the children to walk on the stone track. The soft pillows will not hurt them if they get bumped up after falling down. This unplanned activity will become really interesting for the children when they try to walk or crawl in different ways on the pillow like small bunnies.

World of imagination:

The contraction of a beach theme, house or garden with these natural looking live stone pillow will take the kids in imaginary world. The soft touch of the pillows will become a source of joy and comfort for the kids. They will feel to walk or play with soft stones.

Turtle family:

These living pillows will look like a huge piles of rocks in different sizes and colors. So, by making the children to crawl on 6-7 live stone pillows with 1 pillow on the back so that the pillow do not fall down, you can make them creative.

One leg balancing:

By engaging the kids to do one leg balancing on living stone pillows, you can make them feel  that they are standing on the piles of rocks which suddenly go downs with their weight. The living stone pillow will make them smile each time when they fall from it due to unbalancing.

Feel to be an Island:

Whenever the kids will play or move on these living stone pillow, they will feel to be in a island with rocks or stones on the river, mud or seed. When they try to move from one bank to another it will be reason of fun for them.

Easy to handle:

Live stone pillows are best to create a protected playing environment for the kids. The children are wisely motivated to meets the challenges  and the fine soft fabric of living pillow will provide the protection from getting hurt.

Development of confidence in kids:

The games which involve the beautiful soft living stones pillows will create fantasy, imagination, confidence and courage in the kids. The kids can have fun with each other by doing lunch, tea party or homework while sitting on the stone pillows. It will enhance their creative side to be a good artist or observer in the future.

A look of attractive stones:

Every day children remain filled and busy with different activities in kindergarten. Most of the time kids spend there by using different opportunities to play. So, by using a stone theme teachers can control the children choices of place, by making the kindergarten more interesting than other places. Mostly the activities which involve the use of live stone pillows can be specially organized by the teachers which do not make the kids bored at kindergarten


A proper planning of fun and creative activities can keep the kids focused on their routine in kindergarten. The soft fabric stuffed living stone pillows can become a huge reason of fun for the kids and make them addicted to kindergarten. The amazing colors and themes of sea, island or a beach enhance the imaginary power of the kids and keep them save from hurting. If your kids also enjoy to play with these living stone pillows at kindergarten then share your experience in the comment section.

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