How to Make Felted Rock Pillows?

Everyone loves to arrange their homes in the unique, versatile and attractive way that nobody has ever decorated or even imagined about. To do that we look for a variety of things that can be eye-catching for our room.

Using the rebellious thinking and striking out in the crowd is courageous yet full of adventure. Denying the trends set by society whom everyone follows blindly without sensing calmness and joy. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about living room? You are right if you think a classy Furniture decorated theme, maybe wooden flooring but that’s it. Nothing new has been introduced or to be exactly nothing new has been tried by the people.

Looking for something exciting for your room decor?

Rock pillows are one of the best things for interior decor that are going to give your home a natural look of garden features with felted rock pillows. It gives a natural look to your home with varied shapes of rocks, i.e., from small, medium to huge rocks, which looks great and it can also be a source of fun for your guests as it is “fool for the eye.”

Now imagine if you enter into someone’s living room and found a corner accessorize with felted rock pillows taking you down the memory lane of your visits to the beach and reminding those beautiful rocky shores. Spotlights in the ceiling are objectifying the tremendous pillows and showcasing the attractiveness to the full extent. Human nature will try to persuade you into having those classy things in your bedroom as well.

Without any further due let’s get into the making of felted rocks pillows.
Most important and the core material is fabric. For some extra and special effects silk compliments amazingly for the rock pillows.

For textures and required ambiance fabrics of different shades can be used together to get the desired color.

Ingredients you may require to build very own custom rock felted pillow are:

Material/ Supplies

  • Soft Plush Fabric
  • EPE Lining
  • Soft stuffing
  • Embroidery Floss (in different colors)
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Sewing machine

Below are the few easy steps to make your felted rock pillows:


1. Choosing of Fabric:

Firstly, we need to have a soft plush fabric which is known for its softness and used for luxurious accommodation. It is same as velvet. It is made up of synthetic fibers such as polyester. The choice of fabric is the foremost step to have natural looking rock pillows. For this, we need to choose fabric same in shades as the rocks are having such as grey, black, brown, white or a combination of these.

2. Choice of Lining:

EPE pearl cotton is used for lining structure also known as EPE foam. It is also known to be environmentally friendly as it is produced by low-density polyethylene having bubbles. It is usually used for the high-quality furniture, instruments, cushions, and carpets, etc.

3. Make a rough outline of the Fabric:

Make rough outlines and pin-up them on the fabric to sew it easily in a rock shape manner. Outlines are made in freestyle to give it a look of rock. Make different outlines for a full set of rock pillows.

4. Sew the Pillow:

Sew the pillow from the inside edges with the help of a sewing machine using the thread in the coordinating color. Sew the edges together neatly leaving some space so that you become able of stuffing and also adjusting the stuff easily inside the pillow. Take matching thread, matching with the rock colors and shades.

5. Fill Stuff and Sew the left Edge:

Now fill up the pillow with the soft EPE Pearl cotton stuff as much as you prefer and mold the stuff into a shape of a rock. Now, sew the opening edge by hand with the help of embroidery Needle and Embroidery floss of matching color. Fill up some pillows loosely stuffed and some of the pillows to be over stuff for a variety of pillows.

6. Trim the Excess Thread:

Trim it if there is any excess thread out there.

After making the pillow let’s talk about the unlimited possibilities at the hand of the residence to customize the living room according to their needs and creative intellect.  Creative minds can turn something ordinary into extraordinary using their particular set of skills with limited resources. Primarily you can turn your dull living room environment into something special and intensify the neglected corners of your house. If you are a beach lover, then you can surely turn the corner into your favorite beach theme. We all know the hectic and tough job routines can exhaust even the best of us but come home to something refreshing and pacifying will surely re-energize us.

Felted pillows never limit you to decorating options. We have discussed the decoration of corners, but there is much more to that. You can reshape the pillows into cushions for your Sofa set. You can align them in front of the drapes giving you a pleasant view. Children rooms can be modified using a variety of pillows providing a natural theme for the young ones.

One most important thing is to pick only those ingredients that pass the quality test. There is no point of all the fancy looks and styles if the material of the pillows is not up to the standards. Degraded fabric and cotton quality may harm you. So be extra careful while choosing the material.

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