How to Remake Your Room by Living Pillows

There’s no cooler and economical way to refresh your bedroom than by modernizing your living pillows. It’s a good way to hold the latest home interior decoration trends without fully committing to an ikat print or an orange chevron design. Living pillows are comparatively inexpensive, especially if you revamp your old ones.

One pillow placed on a sofa or in a chair can change the appearance of a whole room. Pillows may fashion that pop of color you want in a room or function as a transition decoration to pull together different colors or styles.

Depict Your Personality

If you have a wild trend and like cow skull patterns, find living pillows adorned with these designs. They’ll work well in a teen’s bedroom; reliant on your design theme, you could also utilize them in your living room. Depict your love of the Dallas Cowboys or Dallas Mavericks with living pillows for your man cave or den. Hold Texas rustic chic style with cowhide pillows or styles with accents of burlap. Living pillows are the best way to depict your personality or interests in your home decor, no matter what your style is.

Location matters when it comes to living pillows. Pillows propped up across the back of a day bed make seating. If you transfer them to one side, you’ve transformed your day bed into a napping area. You can make more comfortable seating on benches or in a breakfast nook with some larger living pillows against the wall. Large floor pillows are best for extra seating in a kid’s room. Kids and their friends can utilize them while watching television or playing video games.

Pillows Dominate in Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the good place to go crazy with living pillows. Some new living pillows placed against your pillow shams will make an entire new look. Living Pillows provide choices in the master bedroom or guest room with a diversity of pillow shapes and sizes to give an extra comfort.

The most sophisticated trend in decorating your bedroom with living pillows is not to be too obsessed with matching the bedding. Select a coordinating design or pretty contrasting or neutral color to produce a new looks in your bedroom.

If you don’t want to slumber with your living pillows, place a plastic bin under your bed to stow them. If you can create a little extra room in your closet, have a hamper that can be used just for pillow storage.

Versatility in Style

Where you put pillows on your sofa depends on your style. Go traditional by putting a living pillow or two at either end. For a more sophisticated decor, prop up a living pillow in the mid of each cushion. On long sofas, place your decorative pillows in angled layers across the back on one side. Living pillows give you the flexibility to easily alter the look of your Dallas home.




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