To operate with integrity.
To provide our customers with service and knowledge.
To be the best in all we do, providing quality and innovative products for anyone who like living pillows.
To cultivate beauty and creativity in our products.
To provide the inspiration toward a gorgeous home.

LIVING STONE PILLOW started from humble beginnings with one small office and now have continued to be an international e-commerce retail website.

We provide a complete range of “good, better, best” with an emphasis on quality, style and value for our many customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for every home – whether you are a large family with young children, a first home buyer looking to make your new house a home, or just wanting to update that special space.

We understand that no homes are the same and dedicate ourselves to finding and creating the perfect pieces to accompany your family’s memories in your own space. That’s what all LIVINGSTONEPILLOW team want to do at first hand. As specialists in our industry, our team tried several times to choose materials about the pillow cases and the filling fiber from various species. The final decision for the anti-pilling polar fleece and premium fiberfill are the best couple after the experiments for the comfort and durability.

We understand the quality expected by our valued customers for everyday essential items and thus focus on maintaining the integrity of our products while combining them with style and flair. We place strong emphasis on materials, color palettes, textures and superior fabrics to create inspirational pieces that are both stylish and functional.