Top Ten Pillows That Look Like Rocks

Original rock stones present along riverbeds or at the arm of sea are the transparent source of recreation and mental repose. If you want to facilitate yourself from same level of tranquility and amusement at home, rock pillows are an undebatable option. They not only help you to create an indoor rock garden for children while depicting a heavenly look but also direct your comfort and leisure towards enhancement while ornamenting any part of your home. Rock-themed pillows and cushions unquestionably enrich your indoors with a pure and natural look. In the context below, you will get to know about top 10 pillows that creatively look like rocks.
This product does not accompany filling but that is not at all a drawback. Instead this aspect compensates your budget very well as shipping becomes reasonably priced with the help of such strategy. When you stuff them with premium fiberfill which is easily available at Walmart where a 5 pound box is offered at $11, our rock pillows become monsters. One more alluring factor is that this 5 pound box can fill multiple rock pillows so it is definitely an economical deal.
Shipping stuffed rock pillow through FedEx is not a budget-friendly idea because they do not charge according to the weight of the box. Instead, they consider box sizes and as these rock pillows are packed in individual boxes so practicing such activity may burden your pocket.
So what is more suitable way is just purchase rock pillow covers and fill them yourself. In this way you will definitely save your precious earning in a very productive way.
Our rock pillow covers feature very elegant and soft zippers at the bottom. This characteristic allows the user to wash the cover as required by extracting all the fiberfill and then inserting it back after washing. You will not find helpful zippers in those rock pillows that are already stuffed before shipping.
By purchasing rock pillow covers and filing separately, you get the chance to stuff the pillows according to your demand. It helps you to balance the firmness of your product as per the requirement of your aching and fatigued body.
You can also get advantage of stuffing the pillow with the material of your choice. However, fiberfill is highly proposed but fabric scraps and any other material you love to giggle with can be utilized.
Last but not the least, the manageable cost of our rock pillow covers helps you to quench your thirst of achieving plenty of huge rocks that will artistically decorate your room.
Moreover, we are not cheaters. As soon as you will stuff your pillow covers with your most liked material, they will appear same as you have seen in the image. Besides all the benefits of preferring rock pillow covers, if you still opt for our pre-stuffed product then simply click the image below.
This item is undoubtedly an incredible piece of luxury that serves its user with ultimate relaxation and calmness.
These rock pillows serve you as a useful tool during severe pillow fights.
Our product not only offers you maximum comfort but also gives your home an elegant sort of aesthetic look and the area accommodating these artificial pebbles unquestionably resembles scenery.
Besides placing them in living or bedroom of a house, these rock pillows are also a good source of decoration in the play area as safety is ensured.
Can be conveniently and gorgeously placed in any area ranging from office to shopping malls and what not.
The package comprises of six pillows of different sizes.
Fabric of these rock pillows is 100% polyester which is simply a bonus. Polyester does not add weight to the pillows while adding coziness to the product. Besides giving cushiony sensation, polyester is extremely helpful as being an anti-pill material and washing it is a breeze as well.
Available in dark grey color
Its fiberfill is definitely 100% polyester which not only gives great flexibility to the pillows but also adds good level of robustness to the product. Polyester stuffing is also worthwhile because it can be washed million times without being ruptured and does not make its users confront allergy issues.
In order to wash the pillows, you are required to remove the filling through zipper and stuff it back after the procedure gets completed.
Referring to precautionary measures, keep your rock pillows away from fire.
These rock pillows are undeniably a premium quality surrealist set of floor cushions.
The package includes huge pebbles that offer its buyers resting area of various sizes. All pebbles available in the set differ from each other in shapes as well and you can organize them in a very fashionable and modish way in order to embellish your specific area.
The setting of these pebbles is the exact reflection of an alluring landscape and you can enjoy your holiday by remaining at home and imagining yourself being seated on seashore. Felt Pets Shaped Floor Cushions Pillows:
The pillows manufactured by living pillow play a very essential role in relieving its users from lethargy. Besides providing peaceful and uninterrupted night sleep, these pillows amuse their owners and make them more ambitious towards their new day.
The set comprises of round shaped pillows.
Available in dark grey color.
Package contains five pillows of varied sizes.
Comes stuffed with superlative fiberfill.
The covers of these rock pillows are made up of anti-pilling 100%polyester.
Also feature an invisible and well-built zipper.
This set helps you to furnish your specific area in a natural style and enhances the beauty of that particular place exceptionally. Can beautify any place whether it is bedroom or dining room, play area or an office leisure area in a very unique and distinctive way.
Absolutely an unmatched product to be gifted to your loved ones.
A highly suitable and functional alternative of a relaxing seat and serviceably support your upper and lower back. Despite of their physical appearance, these rock pillows absolutely sooth your strained muscles and provide you maximum relief from soreness and fatigue.
These are originally lightweight, bouncy, veined and smooth textured cushions which are manufactured from 100% merino wool.
Available in three sizes i.e small, medium and large.
Majorly produced in South Africa. no:2 marble white:

First of all, you will find these stone pillows deprived of a zipper as they are made up of seamless felted 100% natural merino wool.
Wool being a natural raw material is quite advantageous as it is breathable, hypoallergenic, sturdy, shields from cold and does not stand any dirt.
They are hand-made pillows which are designed exclusively and peculiarly just like natural stones.
Filling comprises of shaped polyester fibers that guarantee the durability, strength and springiness of stone pillows.
In order to clean, wet the affected portion with lukewarm water, extract the resulting polluted water and use a soft cloth to dry that area.
Available in three sizes i-e small, medium and large.
The cushion covers are manufactured from merino wool which is felted absolutely by hand.
The product comes stuffed with polyester filling.
Furnished with 100% reprocessed polyester inners but we can also provide you with 100% wool inners on demand.
We do not recommend these cushions to be used by kids and they are not suitable for heavy traffic as well. However, high traffic can be handled by professional finish which can be provided on your request.
Intensive care is required for their maintenance. Dry clean them when you feel the need or you can hand wash them with cold water.
Wide variety of colors are available
Can be ordered according to per square meter.
It is a sophisticated stone wool carpet from nanimarquina and resembles precisely to a stone in regard to its shape. This wool carpet is true expression of pebbles present at streams. We offer you a stock of 11 carpets available in natural shades and organic construction.
These carpets are available in good variety of irregular shapes and sizes along with wide range of colors and these varied characteristics allow you to accessorize uniquely different areas of your home and your office as well. Placement of such warm toned carpets gives you natural sensation and refreshes your mind.
Manufactured from 100% sheep wool in New Zealand.
A definite handmade item with 56,000 knots/m2
These pillows are hand felted and are made up of pure merino wool.
Their inners comprise of 100% recycled polyester.
100% wool inners can also be provided on demand from the buyer.
Must not be used by children and should not be targeted by high traffic. However, if you want them to be functional during high traffic then request for a professional finish.
We suggest you to either dry clean your purchase or hand wash them with cold water.
Absolutely hand felted cushion and is made up of merino wool.
Possesses 100% reprocessed polyester inners.
You can also receive 100% wool inners by making a request to manufacturer.
Not an appropriate item for kids and high traffic. But the professional finish added to our product makes it a suitable cushion for high traffic so you can ask for that.
In order to clean the cushion, you can hand wash it with cold water or dry clean it to ensure its long life and maintenance.

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